5 Best Nashta Places in The Twin Cities

Mood for some hot & delicious halwa puri or looking to crack some eggs with pancakes, the twin cities aka Islamabad and Rawalpindi cater the best breakfast you can ever wish for. From Lassi to English Tea, from suji ka halwa to sausages, there’s a wide variety of breakfast you wouldn’t want to miss out whenever you are in town looking for something new to flaunt you away. Don’t mistake these Nashta places for a weekend thing, you would find them occupied every day of the week since their food is so irresistible that no one can stay away from it.

The Sunday Tradition

If you belong to a desi family, you must know how Desi Nahsta means a lot. Sundays are specially reserved for such traditions where everyone wakes up at around 10 am and then everyone gathers for Halwa Puri or Naan Chane. After this quite “high-calorie based” Nashta, everyone drinks Lassi and some prefer tea too! However, if you decide to try a new place and it doesn’t taste good, the whole day seems to be ruined since you didn’t have a good breakfast. It’s time that you stopped worrying about such stuff. Insta-worthy designed cafes, top-notch catering & loads of variety of beverages and meals for breakfast, Shadiyana presents the 5 most awesome & perfect Nashta Places in the Twin Cities.

  1. Cheema & Chattha  
  2. @cheema.chattha

    Located in F-11/2 Islamabad, Cheema & Chattha is the perfect place to take your newly-wedded wife and have an ultimate level experience. What’s their specialty? Try their Desi Ghee enriched tandoori Parathas, daal, and Nihari among other specialties too! These mouth-watering dishes are also quite budget-friendly and won’t bankrupt you but there is one thing you must not forget about it. Their food is worth the value of money spent so you won’t regret choosing Cheema & Chattha for your Sunday breakfast. They are also quite innovative when it comes to packing Nahsta beautifully for when you want to take it as a complement to someone’s house especially right after a wedding as a tradition. If you want to contact them for their breakfast services, visit Shadiyana now and avail discounts on Cheema & Chatthas along with other numerous caterers in the area near you.

  3. Monal Islamabad     
  4. @monalofficial

    Halwa Puri Mode On! Monal Restaurant, built on Pir Sohawa Road overlooking the enormous capital Islamabad, is the perfect place to start your day. If you are craving a little bit of everything, this place with its spacious rooftop dining is going to be your dream come true. They provide a breakfast buffet of just Rs/-1495 per head from 11 am – 3 pm that includes everything from traditional delicacies to a variety of English breakfast selections along with desserts & beverages like gajjar ka halwa/meetha poora & lassi/tea respectively. They do allow hosting a large number of people upon advanced reservations. So next time you are planning to take out your family, Monal is going to be your first & last pick.

  5. Chaaye Khana
  6. @chaayekhanai8

    Chaaye Khana is a high-end cafe located in F-6 Markaz Islamabad that specializes in all varieties of food, may it be Italian, Thai, or Chinese. A place where you can come & relax with your family and friends in a comfortable environment. This place is the true epitome of taste & class when it comes to serving Desi Nashta. With everything served fresh and hot, you can get everything you need to kick-start your day at an affordable rate.

  7. English Tea House   
  8. @ englishteahousepk

    Head to the most fabulous places for breakfast in Islamabad! English Tea House is the premium choice for those who want to satisfy their hunger with something healthy while also maintaining a delicious class of taste. It’s where you can rejoice in your day with a leisurely breakfast with all your favorites. Their catering service will impress you once you set foot in their place. From lavishly served stakes to perfectly round waffles, you can have all this amazing experience under one roof.

  9. Chashni
  10. @ chashnidhaisb

    Meet Chashni which serves the fanciest breakfast you could ever find in the twin cities. This place is always crowded so whenever you think of having your breakfast there, try reserving in advance so you could get in time and you won’t have to wait. Extremely breathtaking desserts along with freshly baked breakfast, you won’t be able to stop even when you are full. It’s that delicious!! If your family is asking you to take them out to someplace nice while demanding exquisite taste, this is where you should take them and Chashni won’t disappoint you.   

Wholesome Experience of Taste

Shadiyana brings the best & famous Nashta places you can ever find in twin cities. With the perfect ambiance of the environment, get ready to be swayed away by the wholesome food delivered by these vendors. Try them with your loved ones as soon as you are free. We guarantee that you’ll love them!

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